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Hope you all had a great time. If someone has some pictures it would be great if you could share some of them - we never saw how someone searched for - or maybe even found - one of the graves/boxes.

Feel free to also send us any kind of feedback, comments or complaints.

We both hope you like the cemetery park as much as we do and come back some day.

Manuel & Bara

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All 20 slots are now full. Partipation is no longer possible.

If anyone wants to cancel or has any questions, please let us know.

BBC weather says we should be fine. I'd be cool if someone brings a camera and shares some nice pictures with us afterwards.

See you later! 

A Curious Collection of Incidents [Rerun]

Registration now closed: See update

Come along and join our free interactive event within the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. The aim is to introduce you to this beautiful nature reserve.

Taking the names from several gravestones, a semi-fictional story was written especially for this event, linking them all together to inform you what life would have been like when the cemetery was active. The story is written to capture your imagination and stir up a longer lasting interest in the area and its historical significance.

Upon entering the event, you will be given a map that will help you to find several graves located in different parts of the cemetery. At each grave will be a pile of single sheets of paper, on which will be a part of the story. Once you have located all the pieces of paper the story is formed, and you can then come back to the start where you will be provided with a hand-printed cover and some additional pages. You will be shown how to bind your book and leave the park with an interesting and informative memento of the day.


Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is the only woodland park in Tower Hamlets and the most urban woodland in London. Historically it's one of London's magnificent 7 cemeteries but was closed to burials in 1966, that same year being re-designated as a Park by Act of Parliament. It is now a designated Local Nature Reserve and Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation.

Whilst it is a place of remembrance and local history, the existing monuments now stand romantically amongst mature broad-leaved woodland and wildflower meadows. The Park boasts 60+ bird species, 27 butterfly species (making the site the richest for butterflies in urban London), along with UK rare bumblebees, flies, spiders and beetles. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is a vibrant place filled with life and a hub of activity and fun!

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Don't worry - it's not necessary to be exactly on time. This just helps us to spread the visitors out, otherwise everyone would come at the same time.

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Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Southern Grove London, England E3 GB
Sunday, June 16, 2013 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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